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Enerai is a young girl, who leads a quiet life in giant tree with her best friend Serir. This happens until the time she meets a mysterious stranger. Together they'll experience a lot of great adventures, but also will have to face a terrible danger. Will they manage to strenghten the ties of their bond? Will the "good ones" be really trustworthy? And how the past will put the shadows on the present? Check it out, but be careful. The world of Kahvar hides more secrets, that you could expect...

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Ch. I page 013
Ch. I page 013

You know what...?

I miss making this comic so badly...! But the ammount of my collage work is just insane x___x Wish me good luck, please... Time to try again and not give up.

Sorry everyone :c SH is on hiatus.

I have no idea, when I'll be able to come back and draw anything.

Things are just not easy for me recently. I have some kind of deppression, and completely no power or will to live. I'm trying to be strong, but I have no idea, how long
I will be able to do so.
I really would like to go and see specialist, but there are no free places in queque. I have to wait 3 months untill I can finally met any doctor x___x
And my family really doesn't like this idea. They are like "pills will not help you with anything, don't even think about it, you need work hard if you want be happy, so go find a job, stop beeing so much self-centered you egoist, think about the other people".
Yup, but how the heck I can do this, when all I really want is just.. idk... stop existing? Stop breathing? Stop beeing a problem for everybody? Every day is full of mental pain, all I want to do is sit in the corner and cry until I die.
So... wish me good luck with feeling ok... I'll try to come back one day.

I'm so sorry...

Why not...?

Oh my... I logged today and I realized, that my comic is on hiatus for 8 months. 8 MONTHS! I had uploaded only the cover page and then decided to do something with layout of the page. Sadly, I'm not good in CSS and anything like that.
So I think that it's enough of no-living at all. I'll propably reset the template and start just uploadinig new pages.

I'll start my story and my journey. My style had changed a lot since that 8 months, so old pages, that I had never upload, should be redrawn. But I'll not do it now. I'll upload them just as they are and keep the story going on.

I'll update pages every friday. Next friday we are launching with prologue pages. Stand still and wish me good luck! I'll need it.


Hey guys!
As you can see I added a cover of my webcomic!
Enjoy~ <33

Some changes

As you can see, the look of the site is still changing.
I'm trying to compose my very own design, but I fail at moments. For example, I still dont know how to change the color of the news box and whole menu (it's a kind of beige now).
Maybe... someone have an idea and would like to help me a bit? XDD I would be very gratefull <33

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